How Trade Show Display Booth Staff Can Contribute Towards Show Success

Trade Show Display Booth

The success of a trade show depends on a few yet very important factors. These include the trade show display booths design, the unique ideas incorporated for visitor engagement, the staff activities, the ambiance of the area and promotional materials used. While planning to participate in a trade show, companies often tend to focus a lot on the design ignoring the staff selection and training.
There are absolutely countless ideas to enhance your staff performance and make the experience memorable for the visitors. Here are a few additional things that trade show staff can do apart from their basic role:

  • Learn to set-up the booth layout.
  • Discover new ways to grab the attention of the onlookers and give them reasons to visit the booth.
  • Ensure that the booth has something for everyone of all age groups, gender and interest.
  • Each staff member should be capable of addressing a group so that even a huge crowd can be managed well.
  • Each member should know how to technically conduct a product demo.
  • The staff should have product information and contact information handy in case anyone asks for the same.
  • The staff should be able to generate the need of the product for the visitor.
  • The tradeshow booth team members should prepare well in advance for all the objections that can be raised by the attendees.
  • The team should try to make it a learning experience for the upcoming events. For this, they can make the visitors fill feedback forms or record the conversation.
  • The staff can prepare a list of questions to ask from the visitors regarding their expectations from the product. This is a good way to start a conversation and make the visitors feel cared.
  • Proper functioning of all the trade show displays should be ensured by the show staff. If something has stopped working or is not relevant anymore, it should be removed from the area.
  • Not just the prospective clients, the staff should be able to handle the visitors showing interest in becoming business partners and allies as well.
  • The tradeshow staff members should make a database of the number of visitors, their concerns, grievances if any or any other significant activity that has taken place during the show and needs attention of the management.
  • They should provide the attendees with their contact information in case they are interested in discussing their needs with a particular person.
  • Ensure that the booth is clean and free of debris throughout the show.
  • The staff should keep an eye on the trade show display booths design and remove anything that is hampering it.
  • Make sure enough stock of the promotional items is available every time.
  • They should also keep an eye on their rivals’ booths.
  • Help the other staff members learn better visitor handling.
  • Share their experience with the management and suggest ways to improve the trade show display booths design and promotional strategies.

The staff should not forget that they are the direct contact between the business and the clients and they have an important role in converting the leads into business relationships. Discover more about conducting a successful trade show at Echo Exhibit. Call us now!