Design #:HUA1010

Title:Large Island Exhibit


If time is a valuable asset for you. This exhibit will not waste a second of it. Simply pop up the exhibit and you are ready since the graphic typically always stays on the display. The exhibit can also include a host of accessories. Literature holders, large screen TV’s, additional graphicsor counters


  • Light weight, strong and stable frame that can suspend a fabric graphic mural
  • Size: 4 Quads Wide x 3 Quads Tall (not by the foot)
  • Sets up in seconds and can be packed away just as quickly!
  • Includes set of 2 lights
  • 2 Stand off lit holders
  • 1 monitor mount
  • Full Front Graphic with Covered Endcaps
  • Includes Shipping case, counter top and graphic base
  • Graphic Size (approximate): 143.1875''W x 89.125''H